Boat trips

The coast of the Flores Island is of great interest for this kind of tour because it features caves, crevices, caves and steep slopes embellished by waterfalls. It is very frequent to sight marine species such as dolphins and whales.


The Flores island currently has four marked and approved trails. These ancient footpaths allow you to discover some of the landscapes and most interesting places on the island.

Tours to the Corvo Island

To visit the smallest island of the Azores, is something unique. Do not forget to visit the “Caldeirão” the crater of the old volcano that gave rise to the island and its stone mills.


The Flores island is known for its clear blue waters, variety of local diving sites, abundance of underwater fauna and high probability of observing deep waters.

Bird watching

Is a promising activity in that it is very favourable for the observation of numerous American migratory species and the formation of the island offers conditions for the nesting of marine species in their coastal areas and native species in inland forest areas..


Canyoning is a sport and leisure activity where one descents embedded streams and slopes, by doing rappel and jumping to overcome obstacles.


Sport fishing on the Flores island has great potential due to the quantity and variety of marine life.