The Info on TripAdvisor is Reflective of our Experience

We enjoyed our time at Flores and the stay at Aldeia da Cuada was a big factor in that. Our stay was in mid May. We had the breakfasts every morning for 6 or 7 Euros. We had cheese panini, yoghurt and granola, and there was always some kind of baked good as well as coffee, tea, and juices. Silvio and Carlotta were fun and friendly. They weren’t at all invasive but I felt that they enjoyed chatting with us when we engaged them. They seemed to be genuine people.

If you are expecting a pristine hotel, this is not the place for you (Flores is probably not the island for you.) There was no wifi in the room but you could use the wifi in the main office. We were two sets of couples and one bedroom turned out to be two twin beds, but we just rolled the beds (which weren’t attached to the headboards) to one another. Our party enjoys camping, so some ants in the kitchen didn’t bother us. I would love to come back to Aldeia da Cuada some day.