The Village

The origin
5 centuries full of history.
The present
A village rebuilt and designed for all the needs of our guests.

The Village

Created in 1676, Aldeia da Cuada is part of the parish of Fajã Grande.

The oldest document, dating back to the beginning of civilization in the village, is dated November 8, 1705, and is a parish register of a marriage.

In the first quarter of the XIX century, Aldeia da Cuada was inhabited by 122 people, 61 of whom were men and the rest women, distributed among 20 modest houses.

About the living conditions, only two houses were covered with tile roofs and there was a great difficulty in having access to the sea, so agriculture was the main source of subsistence for centuries in the village.

Weaving was also one of the activities they practiced as a source of income, and there were houses where there were two and three looms.

In the 1960s the inhabitants of the village emigrated to several countries, mainly to America, leaving the village abandoned. Since then, Teotónia and Carlos Silva have rebuilt the village, trying to maintain the connection with the past and maintaining the original construction lines, preserving the stone houses, but adapting to all the demands of today for a dream stay.

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